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Natural Awakenings San Diego

October 2013 Publisher Letter

Sep 30, 2013 10:15AM

Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon @ Del Mar Dog Beach

Think of us each as a mini universe evolving at our own pace containing our own needs and perceptions. Our unique universes are filled with our individual consciousness that creates energy centers. When we balance our internal energy centers, our external environment becomes balanced as well. Our family, friends, society and our universe react to our inner shifts. Yes, we are all important and have a big impact on our external world. Enlightenment is about tapping into ourselves and our hidden potentials.

The outdoors provides us with environmental therapy. However, our environmental playground has changed. It is well recognized now that a large portion of our health issues are derived from environmental toxins. Along with environmental agents, toxic substances, food, work and relationships can also cause both behavioral and physical symptoms. Detoxification is the primary treatment available to treat our ailments. Detoxification requires proper diagnosis and treatment. Thankfully, different techniques and therapists are available to aid us.

This individual approach of educating ourselves and improving our health does have a global effect. The cost of environmental medicine varies depending on the practitioner. Naturopaths, Ayurvedic practitioners, holistic dentists, Chinese medicine practitioners are all examples of professionals who can help identify and aid in the healing process. Insurance does recognize some of these therapies, especially when the therapist is a medical doctor. Eventually, insurance companies will have to accept the growing arena of environmental practitioners.

Last night I visited with a friend and was greeted by two friendly dogs and a longtime pet turkey. The backyard was overflowing with fresh, organic produce featuring the biggest non-GMO producing corn stalks I’ve ever seen. This morning a friend shared a picture of a freshly made omelet prepared with all homegrown organic vegetables. Another friend told me she was heading to a funeral to mourn the death of a family man who died of brain cancer. We are all hearing about more and more people creating their own healthy environments. We are all experiencing more illness and loss of loved ones. It is my passion and the desire of my co-publishers across the nation to make healthy choices available to all of us. I urge my readers and advertisers to help us deliver our message that is vital to our very existence.

Smiles to a healthier environment for all,

Elaine Russo Natural Awakenings


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