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Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Oct 31, 2013 10:46AM ● By Patricia Boultbee-Wingo

At this time of year we set ourselves up to get sick—and at a time when we want to enjoy the holidays cooking, eating and enjoying family that we haven’t seen since last year. How do we do this?  Primarily by eating large amounts of sugar! In addition to sugar’s negative effects on health, such as brain fog and weight gain, the  burden on our immune system packs the largest punch this time of year.  Clinical studies have proven that sugar significantly impairs the capacity of neutrophils to engulf and destroy bacteria.  In one study in particular researchers proved that the greatest impact was 1 to 2 hours after eating sugar but lasts for at least five hours.   

So, if you have sugar at every meal, and you eat every 5 to 6 hours, your immune system never catches up.  Add in the candy bowls and baked treats that come out this time of year and the immune system is fighting with one (or both) arms tied behind it’s back.

Our immune system not only fights viruses and bacteria, but it’s also on constant alert for allergens, inflammation and cancer.  This complex defense system not only needs to be strong, it needs to be regulated to avoid becoming over-active, creating allergies and auto-immunity.

Acupuncture has been clinically proven to not only strengthen the immune system, but also balance immune response to prevent allergic reactions, auto-immune disorders and chronic pain. 

Acupuncture, along with simple lifestyle changes such as reduced sugar, regular exercise, stress reduction and restorative sleep are easy, natural ways to remain healthy this holiday season. 

Resources: Role of Sugars in Human Neutrophilic Phagocytosis. Sanchez, Reeser, et al. 1973; Acupuncture Modifies Immune Cells. Takashi, Sumino, et al, 2009.

Patricia Boultbee-Wingo, MSTOM, LAc, is the founder of Carlsbad Family Acupuncture, PC, located at 1207 Carlsbad Village Dr., #Y in Carlsbad. For more details, call 760-729-0115.

Immune Builder Special through November 30
Carlsbad Family Acupuncture is offering an Immune-Builder Special. Clients can purchase five Immune Balancing Treatments for $340—that’s a savings of $100 off the regular price. According to Boultbee-Wingo, “The goal of these treatments is to reduce stress, balance and strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, increase energy, reduce sugar cravings and improve overall health.”
Book your treatments now and have a healthy, happy holiday season!  Offer expires November 30, 2013, and cannot be combined with insurance or any other offer. Call 760-729-0115 or visit
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