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Natural Awakenings San Diego

December 2013 Letter from the Editor

Linda Sechrist and Elaine Russo toasting to another rejuvenating experience at Two Bunch Palms resort.

Since I was a child, I’ve looked forward to November because of Thanksgiving. When Elaine began publishing her magazine, I added another reason to love November—visits to San Diego. Since 2010, I’ve been spending some playtime with Elaine, meeting San Diego advertisers and experiencing their services. Every year I wonder if the next trip can possibly get any better. It always does.

Shortly after arriving, we had a successful luncheon meeting with Elizabeth Kelley at Direct Marketing, Hay House, Inc. Later we immersed ourselves in an evening of learning at the Grauer School in Encinitas. Their “Great Conversations Series” focused on a San Diego-based nonprofit, Women’s Empowerment International (WEI) and a powerful film, “Girl Rising”. The film inspired gratitude for my women friends who attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women to promote women’s rights in political, economic, civil, social and educational fields.

My annual visit to Charlotte at Amour Hair Salon is a treat for my hair while my out-of-this-world facial with Charlene Handel at Skin Fitness, Etc. makes my skin look great. I always look forward to visiting Two Bunch Palms in Hot Desert Springs. I highly recommend making a reservation right now to experience the incredible healing mineral waters that have been continuously flowing out of the earth for 600 years.

Carolyn Gross’s “Your Health is Your Wealth” event, sponsored by Natural Awakenings was exceptional. Meeting the co-author of Breaking the Cancer Code and the founder of Rubio Cancer Center Clinic in Tijuana, Dr. Geronimo Rubio Sr., was a boon to my compilation of resources for “Rethinking Cancer”, an ongoing project since I wrote the feature. The presentation on stem cell therapy by Dr. Geronimo Rubio, Jr. was most informative. I was also pleased to meet Dr. Robert O. Young, research scientist and co-author of pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health. His alkalinizing water system and products are effective tools for prevention and wellness.

I now conduct interviews not only for my articles but also for my new radio show, Rethinking Health Matters ~ What you can do for your health that your doctor can’t. Join me on Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. or download archived shows at your convenience. My interviews include Dr. Diana Hoppe, founder of “Vibrantly You”, and Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat on December 20. I plan to interview Tiffany Barsotti, clinical director of Psy-Tek because I was so impressed with her knowledge of thermograms and what they reveal.

Enjoy my feature this month, Near Death Experiences: Proof of Life After Death. My intention is that you are as uplifted by the words of authors Dr. Eben Alexander, Anita Moojani and Dr. Raymond Moody as I was after each interview.

At the moment, I’m anticipating today’s session with Skip Andrews to learn about social media. My web designer says that I need to take my Maserati website——out of the garage. After I learn to use the bells and whistles, I’ll blog every day about integrative approaches to health and my fascinating writing life with Natural Awakenings. I’m celebrating 10 years in 2014 as the company celebrates its 20th Year Anniversary. Join us in our celebrations!

Linda Sechrist

Publiher's Pick: PSY-TEK
I recently experienced a full body medical thermal imaging scan at Psy-Tek in Encinitas along with my editor Linda Sechrist. Tiffany Barsotti, our clinical director was extremely knowledgable, professional and friendly. Her positive attributes made a medical experience fun and educational. I was so impressed to see my body scan reveal potential areas of concern. Thermal imaging recognizes problem areas such as tooth infections, Plantar fasciitis, stressed areas and other advanced detections. Personally, we have not and will not ever get another mammogram.

Thermal imaging offers safe advanced detection without the use of x-ray risk. It is private and noninvasive without anyone touching you! It allows you to determine and store and refer to your personal baseline so you can monitor any changes in your body. I never knew medical thermal imaging existed until I picked up my first copy of Natural Awakenings magazine at Whole Foods in Boca Raton, Florida. Upon returning to San Diego, I was amazed how little doctors and friends knew about thermal imaging. I urge you to go discover your roadmap to your health and wellness with Psy-Tek labs.

Location: 701 Garden View Ct., Encinitas. For more information, call 760-733-6000 or visit