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Love your Pets and your Planet: An Interview with Cindy Montgomery, VP of Marketing for Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.

Dec 30, 2013 06:19PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Love your pet. Love your planet. It’s got a nice ring to it, eh? That’s the motto at Earthborn Holistic®, a company that offers wholesome, high quality, holistic dog and cat foods to support your pet’s overall well-being. According to Cindy Montgomery, Vice President of Marketing for Midwestern Pet Foods, the parent company for Earthborn Holistic, they live and breathe that motto every day.  

Montgomery has been working at Midwestern Pet Foods for almost 18 years. “The company climate says it all,” explains Montgomery. “It’s a family owned business founded in 1926, now in it’s fourth generation. They really care about their staff, pet health and the environment, and it shows.”

Montgomery loves to spread the word about how much Earthborn Holistic strives to make the world a better place in so many ways. “We really look at every aspect of production to ensure the highest quality standards for pets and the environment,” she says.

High Quality Ingredients

Most of the ingredients in Earthborn Holistic pet foods are sourced in the U.S., with lamb meal coming from Australia or New Zealand and flaxseed coming from Canada. “With so many issues and recalls recently on pet food, we are proud of the fact that we manufacture our own dry pet food in our company-owned facilities and source our ingredients from the U.S. This gives us control of the products and we know they are made right and are safe.”

“All of the formulas include high quality proteins, fruits and veggies. We even include probiotics to promote a healthy digestive tract in our dry pet food,” says Montgomery. Why offer grain-free products? “It’s a very strong trend right now. Many pets have allergies to certain ingredients. It seems that many of these allergies are to grains,” explains Montgomery. “So we use other carb sources like potatoes, brown rice, tapioca and peas. We maintain that integrity in our grain products, as well, by using the higher end grains.”

Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly is also the name of the game at Midwestern Pet Foods. “We consider the environmental impact of everything we do,” assures Montgomery. For instance, most of their promotional pieces are printed on 100 percent postconsumer recycled FSC certified paper; their bags are made in North America from clean, natural gas versus crude oil, which means reduced dependency on foreign oil. “Since the bags weigh less than paper bags, less fuel is used in the supply chain,” says Montgomery. “Even the aprons we use for our product demos are made from recycled bottles. We can’t do everything 100 percent, but we do the very best we can.”

Stringent Testing

Earthborn HolisticSince the company’s goal is to create good, safe products for pets around the globe, another area that Earthborn Holistic strives for the very best is in product testing. “We do a lot of testing on our foods,” says Montgomery. “Our ingredients are tested multiple times throughout the process. We test for everything from toxins to salmonella. The tests are sent to an independent lab if there are ever any questions on a test result. We are proud of the fact that we’ve never had a recall.” In addition to testing foods, each of Midwestern Pet Foods manufacturing facilities is inspected multiple times per year. “The facility where Earthborn Holistic pet foods are manufactured is HACCP approved and FDA inspected,” says Montgomery. “The facilities are top notch!”

UPCs for Trees

When Earthborn Holistic was launched in 2009, the company also rolled out UPCs for Trees program. “It’s our way of helping to build forests while reducing harmful greenhouse gases. We partnered with, the company that handles planting the trees for us.” It’s easy to participate. When you buy Earthborn Holistic pet foods, save the UPC codes and send them back to the company and a tree will be planted. You can visit the Tree Locator on their website, which is updated monthly, and see where trees are being planted.  “Currently there are over 175,000 trees that have been planted,” says an enthusiastic Montgomery.

New Product Line

Montgomery is also excited about the November launch of the new grain-free Large Breed and Weight Control formulas for dogs. “These products are just now infiltrating the country,” she says. “And we’ve been so thrilled to get them out on the market.”

From high quality ingredients to recyclable materials to UPCs for trees, the folks at Earthborn Holistic take a holistic view of their company’s environmental impact, and it shows. “All of the different parts add up,” says Montgomery, “and we feel like each and every one of these aspects is an important part of our mission.”

The Earthborn Holistic line is available at Pupologie, located at 123 N. El Camino Real, Ste. #G in Encinitas. For more information about Earthborn Holistic, visit

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