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Atlas Balancing Practitioner Certification Training

Elisabeth Westermann, creator of Atlas Balancing, is coming from Germany to Vista, California, April 17-23 offering a one-week, Level 1 Atlas Balancing Training for health practitioners.

“Atlas Balancing™ is unique because of its extremely gentle, non-aggressive technique imploring light touch and ‘inspired’ soundcodes only,” explains Westermann. “There is no manipulation or adjustments and usually only one session is required. This important technology breakthrough opens the body to a natural guided self-healing. Each code toned is specific to certain areas of the body and is innately programmed to work at the root levels of cause. This critical alignment can bring lasting changes in one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems.”

According to Westermann, medical journals are now publishing new research about how crucial the alignment of the Atlas bone is for optimal health and vitality. “The Atlas is probably the most important bone in the body. It may be the hidden cause of many chronic pain related conditions,” says Westermann. “People are plagued by back, neck, knee, joint, shoulder pains, headaches, scoliosis, digestion and immune system dysfunction, ADD, ADHD, TMJ and more which can all stem from Atlas misalignment. Those with chronic conditions can discover a new way to get to the cause effect rather than treating symptoms or worse, not even knowing that the Atlas is out of alignment and may be the cause.”

Westermann’s education, trainings and practice were in holistic, natural remedies, music and new sciences which are the foundational cornerstones for her birthing this new life-altering technology. During this time, she also trained and certified in Atlas Profilax which married together her love for sound and the importance of Atlas alignment. 

Westermann now travels the world training health practitioners to become certified in Atlas Balancing.

To register and for more information, call Bhimi Cayce at 310-466-7600 or visit Early bird registration discount available until March 13.