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Safe and Effective Workouts

May 04, 2014 10:50PM ● By Ana Nieto

Strength training is part of a healthy exercise routine. Exercises can have multiple positions or movements and some people connect differently with their bodies than others. However, finding that right adjustment for each person is part of proper form.

The next time you visit the gym keep these proper form tips in mind:

Use correct alignment of your joints: For instance, if you are doing lower body exercises make sure that your ankles, knees and hips are in line with each other. In the case of your upper body, align your wrists, elbows and shoulders at the same width apart.

No pain no gain: While lifting and lowering the weights your joints will tend to move and lose alignment. To prevent misalignment try placing a mirror in front of you so you can be vigilant. Remember that whichever direction feels the hardest, that's probably the right place to be.

Muscle burn is good: Feeling your muscle burning is always good, but as a rule of thumb any sharp pain should always be avoided. Stop if it hurts.

Go slow: Your muscles will work harder and you will eliminate momentum, which will increase your safety while exercising.

Ana Nieto is the owner of Turtle Shell Health. She can be reached at 646-286-6264, [email protected] or by visiting