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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Qi Revolution Comes to Los Angeles

The Qi Revolution is being held August 2-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. During this four-day qigong training, attendees will learn high-powered breathing techniques, qigong strength training, and food-based healing.

Jeff Primack, qigong practitioner and founder of the Supreme Science Qigong Center, says, “Light your fire with spine tingling breathing exercises. Qigong Breathing can naturally bliss people out—better than drugs—and resolve health issues.”  According to Primack, transcending the physical and experiencing oneself as pure energy is possible within a few minutes of the 9-Breath Method, a signature technique taught to over 50,000 people at Qi Revolution. “Oxygen retention and pulsation of breath is the secret of the masters and few courses offer this level of comprehensive instruction.”

Primack and 25 other instructors will be leading a massive group to practice together. Primack, a long-time qigong practitioner, healed himself of asthma and through his workshops has helped tens of thousands discover the secrets of maximizing their own healing potential. During the first two days, Primack and his team of instructors will teach guests level one qigong healing and breathing applications. The instructors will move into even more powerful breathing applications on days three and four.

“Mastering the breathing process improves well-being immediately and conquers stress. Food reverses nearly every disease if you know which ones are good for what problems. This is our specialty,” adds Primack.

Cost: $149. Location: 1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles. For more details, visit