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A Journey in Higher Conscious Awakening

Aug 14, 2014 11:03AM

In her book, A Journey in Higher Conscious Awakening, Dr. Marianne Maynard shares that planetary events occurring on Earth at this time will lead humanity to a higher conscious awakening and insight into the next phase of our evolution. Readers will be inspired and reassured in their role as Beacons of light in manifesting more love and peace on the planet.

In addition, readers will gain a better understanding of planetary cycles, life and death issues, inner and celestial guidance, our afterlife journey, communication with angels, deceased love ones, and our new mission as planetary beings.

“Optimism, co-operation, purposefulness, harmony and unity will become living symbols as the human race moves forward in celebrating a higher conscious awakening and a new reality on planet earth,” shares Dr. Maynard.

Reader comments for A Journey in Higher Conscious Awakening:

"I was fascinated by how relevant this book is to our world today. Dr. Maynard offers a message of hope as we connect to our inner divine source for guidance."

"This book was a great comfort for a friend who recently died of cancer."

"Dr. Maynard's book offers something for all those interested in learning about more about our life, death and afterlife journey, and experience as light beings." 

Marianne Maynard, owner of MM Luminary Books, can be reached at 442-244-0621 or [email protected]. A Journey in Higher Conscious Awakening is available on

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