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Paramahansa Jagadish Healing Intensive in Orange County

Aug 14, 2014 11:04AM

Globally-renowned master healer Paramahansa Jagadish offers a shortcut to a higher vibration and divine connection from noon to 5 p.m. on September 6 during his Divine Light Intensive at Visions and Dream Emporium in Costa Mesa. Jagadish is a considered healer’s healer who generously shares his astounding gifts for profound healing through divine love, spiritual awakening and palpable blessings that deepen people’s relationships with the Divine.

Jagadish guides people in discovering their own Stewardship of the Soul. With more than four and a half decades of deep and concentrated spiritual practice rooted in Eastern Yogic, Tibetan Buddhist and Hawaiian traditions, he brings together both an Eastern and Western perspective. He is known worldwide for his work in Karma Cleaning and Ancestral Healing.

Jagadish has a unique ability to tap into the loving energy of the Divine and to transmit that energy directly to the participants in the room. This Divine Light Transmission ability comes from years of study and practice with Holy Siddhas, saints and spiritual masters of India.

With a Multi-Dimensional Sacred Healing transmission, one receives a cleansing and balancing of their physical and subtle bodies, while being energized with the Divine Energy. Benefits include a boosting of the immune system, and increased sense of wellbeing, and an opening of the heart to sacred love and compassion.

Attendees leave Jagadish’s sessions feeling empowered.

Cost: $100. Location: Visions and Dream Emporium, 2482 Newport Blvd. Suite 1-3, Costa Mesa. For more details, visit

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