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Alternative Care for Peripheral Neuropathy

Aug 29, 2014 10:34AM ● By Shannon Mulcahy

There are four critical, but avoidable, mistakes made when choosing an alternative treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy. Below are the four mistakes:

1 Patients don’t select a treatment that will increase the blood flow to capillaries, the nerves’ life source, in the legs and feet. Cutting the blood flow to any part of the body kills that respective body part. Selecting a treatment that increases the blood flow to your legs or feet is essential to reducing or ending your pain or numbness.

2 Selecting a treatment that doesn’t stimulate damaged nerves.

3 Not knowing if one’s treatment plan involves a complete nutritional protocol. Specialized nutritional supplements can help reduce inflammation and increase peripheral circulation, both of which are critical to obtaining optimal results.

4 Selecting a doctor that is not completely and whole-heartedly dedicated to treating peripheral neuropathy.

Foundation Medical Group is fully dedicated to and invested in helping patients with peripheral neuropathy.

For more information, contact Foundation Medical Group by Greathouse Chiropractic, Inc. at 800-570-3898.

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