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Plato Pet Treats: A New Philosophy in Pet Treats

Aug 29, 2014 10:34AM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Around eight years ago, a small group of experienced pet product professionals banded together to manufacture something they felt was missing in the pet marketplace—pet treats that they would actually feed their pets. “Plato Pet Treats was born to fill a void in the pet product market that was dominated by low-quality products with low-integrity ingredients such as by-products, fillers and artificial flavors and preservatives,” says Western Sales Manager, Andrew Horn.

The group chose the Plato name because, “Plato was a great philosopher, and Plato Pet Treats began a new philosophy in pet treats focused on producing treats using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, processed in a minimal fashion, using simple, easy to understand formulas to develop our four lines of unique, healthy and tasty treats.”

In addition, says Horn, Plato Pet Treats was founded on a commitment to safety and quality. “All of our products are tested in-house, and by outside third party laboratories, to ensure the highest standard of quality,” says Horn. The company also manufactures their products in California and with the exception of a few natural preservatives, all ingredients used in Plato treats are from North America. “We are lucky to have the opportunity to manufacture our products in California because we have access to an abundant cornucopia of wholesome, raw ingredients,” says Horn. “The fertile central valley of California is home to many of the wonderful meats and veggies we source to make our outstanding products. Sourcing U.S. ingredients helps us in our commitment to making only the highest integrity products available.”

In line with their commitment to high quality products, Plato Pet Treats has recently launched EOS-grain free treats. “Offering grain-free products is important because many dogs have sensitivities to grains and other filler ingredients,” explains Horn. “Our new line of EOS treats is a wonderful addition to the Plato family. EOS was the Greek Goddess of the Dawn–and our EOS treats are a tribute to her. EOS treats are the dawn of a new age of pet treats, free from GMOs, fillers, by-products and artificial preservatives.”

Plato Dog Treats

Plato Pet Treats are available locally at Pupologie in Encinitas. “Our bestsellers at Pupologie are our grain-free Farmers Market and EOS lines. They’re sure to be a favorite of your pup as well,” says Horn. 

Horn and the rest of the team at Plato Pet Treats get really inspired knowing that what they are doing is making a difference in pets’ lives.  “We love it when our customers with picky dogs tell us that our products are the only treats their dog will eat, and this happens every day! Additionally, we love to hear how our products have contributed to healthier dogs everywhere.”

Plato Pet Treats can be found at Pupologie, located at 123 N. El Camino Real, Ste. G in Encinitas. To connect with Pupologie, call 760-436-1226 or visit To connect with Plato Pet Treats, call 559-485-4316 or visit