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Carlsbad Practitioner Offers Homeopathic Care

“Are you sick of traditional medicine and its side effects?” asks Cindy Sanders, DHOM, CWC, owner of Homeopathic Balance in Carlsbad. “Then it’s time to try homeopathy, a natural way to help your body heal, instead of just curing the symptoms.”

According to Sanders, homeopathy is an increasingly popular system of natural medicine. For more than 200 years, it has been used worldwide by individuals seeking a safe, effective way to treat illness and improve their health. “While conventional medicine seeks to control the symptoms of a condition or illness, homeopathy regards symptoms as the body's healthy attempt to restore itself to balance,” explains Sanders. “The homeopath treats the root cause of an illness and stimulates the immune system, helping the body naturally restore balance and health.”

Homeopathy recognizes that each person manifests disease in a unique and slightly different way. “That is why two people with the same disease will not necessarily receive the same homeopathic medicine, says Sanders. “Unlike a “’one size fits all’ approach, a homeopath chooses a remedy that matches the unique profile of the individual.”

Sanders is a certified health and wellness coach specializing in the health needs of women and children as well as the whole family. She uses classical homeopathy, holistic nutrition and other holistic tools to help her clients find their body’s natural balance.

Location: 2244 Faraday Ave., Carlsbad. Call 760-943-6337 for a free 15 minute consultation or visit Allison Roedell Natural Awakenings Magazine San Diego Assitant Publisher


Assistant Publisher's Pick - Homeopathic Balance

I’m a Type A, driven person who has created unnecessary stress and anxiety in life. I’ve had hives on and off and blamed it on food, so I tried many different diets and cleanses over the years. None worked in entirety. After recently doing a cleanse that was too abrasive on my system, I ended up with digestive issues—plus a whole lot more stress and anxiety on top of that!

I believe in natural approaches to healing, and even more so because my body is extremely sensitive to medications. I didn’t know much about homeopathy, but decided to give it a try. From my initial conversation with Cindy, I knew I was on the right path to a balanced state of mind, body and spirit. I felt understood—she really got my frustration and what I’ve been through.

Cindy SandersHomeopathy is about treating the root cause of an illness, instead of putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms. It is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to health. Homeopathy involves individual assessments. Two individuals with the same symptoms may receive entirely different treatments.

My initial intake session at Homeopathic Balance lasted two hours. Cindy asked questions and really got to know me so she could recommend specific homeopathic remedies and supplements. I could sense her confidence in developing a plan of action to improve my health. Cindy is an incredible listener and has a genuine desire to help others heal. She really cares—it has been evident in all of our interactions.

Homeopathic BalanceEver since I committed to working with Cindy, my life began to shift. My hives subsided, my digestion has been improving, and I regained a long lost sense of peace, confidence and freedom. Stay tuned—I will keep you posted on my progress. In the meantime, give Cindy a call; the service she provides is priceless!

Homeopathic Balance is located in Carlsbad. To connect, call 760-943-6337, email [email protected], or visit