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Natural Awakenings San Diego

January 2015 Publisher Letter

Fishing for publishers

It was 5 years ago that I launched Natural Awakenings in San Diego. When I began my publication, I set an intention that I would sell it in five years. Well, a lot has evolved in five years—including my intentions.

This magazine has become an integrated part of my life and I’m not ready or willing to sell my entire territory. My intent has transitioned into a different plan and I’m sharing my evolved marketing plan with you, dear readers, first.

Natural Awakenings is over 20 years old and published in over 90 cities, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii. It has matured and now walks on both national and local legs. As we all know, San Diego is a heavily populated (3.5 million) and diverse city. We have people living in North County, East County, South County and a bilingual county. Not only is it diverse, it’s vast and spread out. It has a huge potential that requires multiple publishers.

My intention is this: I am seeking passionate, healthy-minded individuals looking for a rewarding publishing business to cherish and grow. And don’t be intimidated if you don’t have a publishing background. Publishing holds many different meanings and publishers come from all walks of life. Many different publishers have many different talents. While we all come from different backgrounds, the one thing we have in common is passion. And that’s the main requirement needed to be a Natural Awakenings publisher.

Comprehensive training, the ability to work from home, low investment, ongoing support and a meaningful career will be provided if you are looking to turn your passion into a business. It may be that you currently own a business and you want to expand it. Owning a Natural Awakenings magazine is a sure and economical way to connect and share your love of healthy living with the community.

I look forward to hearing from potential publishers looking to start a new life and a new career for the new year.

Elaine Russo Natural Awakenings San Diego Publisher