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Are E-cigs the Answer?

Jan 05, 2015 02:35PM ● By Dr. Ginger Marable

Electronic cigarettes, called "e-cigs" or "vapes," are now a multi-billion dollar enterprise claiming to help smokers quit. But do they?

The pack-a-day smoker lifts fingers to lips approximately 200 times a day, 2.2 million times over 30 years, the most reinforced habit ever. Lifting fingers to lips with an e-cig only continues to reinforce that habit. Studies show that 75 percent of e-cig users are still smoking regular cigarettes—both counter-productive and dangerous.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approves up to 700 chemicals to go into cigarettes and the paper; these combine to make up to 11,000 chemicals hitting every system with every puff. Of these, hundreds are stimulant poisons, including nicotine, arsenic, cyanide, toluene, formaldehyde, etc. E-cigs, as yet unregulated by the FDA, do have far fewer of these chemicals, but Japanese scientists have recently declared their formaldehyde content to be 10 times higher. The vapor also contains heavy metals and propylene glycol that can damage the lungs and lead to cancer. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have revealed that more than half the calls to poison control centers are for liquid nicotine poisoning from e-cigs of children ages 5 and under, with 42 percent for those 20 and older; its effects are more toxic than bleach.

The popularity of e-cigs among youngsters who have never smoked reached a quarter of a million in 2013, according to the CDC, as they are unregulated and easily purchased online, and they come in flavors like chocolate, cotton candy, fruits and bubble gum. Yet their effect on the brain development of not only youngsters but also fetuses is very dangerous and deleterious.

E-cigs contribute nothing to helping a smoker quit; instead they continue to be dangerous to one’s health and are influencing countless numbers of youngsters to become smokers.

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