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Publisher's Pick - ULI Stand-Up Paddle Boards

I love and adore the ocean. I’ve water skied, sailed, wind surfed, scuba dived, snorkeled and swam in the ocean for as long as I can remember. Growing up on Long Island meant you enjoyed water activities only in the summers. I played in the water all year long while living in Florida for 10 years. When I first moved to San Diego over two decades ago, it was challenging to acclimate to the colder Pacific Ocean. I would jump in for a swim and hop out immediately because the water felt like ice after leaving the warm Atlantic. But I never gave up and now the Pacific Ocean feels like home. I took up surfing so I could continue to submerge and play in Mother Ocean. However, six years ago walking or even sitting on a surfboard became painful. I discovered I needed a right hip replacement. Three years ago I had to get my left hip replaced.

I took up stand-up paddle boarding before, during and after both of my hip replacements. It became my love, my passion and my favorite sport. If you have not tried paddle boarding, I highly recommend it. The only issue I had was when I traveled. Since stand-up paddle boards are larger than prone surfboards and require a paddle, it makes traveling with your gear more challenging and expensive.

ULI Stand Up Paddle BoardThankfully, my friend Chris Koerner introduced me to ULI Stand-Up Paddle Boards. I now travel via planes, trains and automobiles with my beloved sport. Upon arrival at my destination, I inflate it and go out for a paddle like people go on a run or walk. If traveling with your paddle board proves challenging, the ULI paddle boards are the way to go. They inflate with ease and will float you on the flat water or allow you to ride and glide the waves. You just need to choose a water destination. The rest is done. Go have some fun.

For more information, visit Made in San Diego, USA