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Natural Awakenings San Diego

February 2015 Publisher Letter

Jan 30, 2015 05:41PM

I donated my new hat, sunglasses and happy heart to Avila Beach.

No other organ in our body can measure up to the heart. It’s embedded into our culture through movies and songs. The heart provides us with essential love. It is our medical and social barometer. A broken heart can kill and a well-loved, nourished heart can prevail. The simple act of loving—whether it’s a partner, a dog, a job or a best friend—will scientifically and spiritually help heal a heart.

Heart disease remains the number one killer for both women and men in the U.S. While this sobering fact cannot be disputed, here is a heart-lifting fact: we have the power to protect and improve our heart health. February is American Heart month. This month’s issue reflects on our heart and its association with our well-being.

Heartwarming activities like giving hugs, holding hands, cuddling with your pets, laughing, writing love letters, having sex and exercising will improve your heart health. They feel good and yet sometimes we hold back from the very essence of what makes us feel and look our best. All of these activities have been scientifically proven to make our blood flow more freely, lower cholesterol, lower stress, reduce the risk of heart attacks, and increase our life expectancy and quality of life.

Whenever I’ve followed my heart, it has led me to life lessons, joy and love that no text book could ever teach or money could buy. Our passion is fueled by our heart. Our passion is our desire to keep our hearts ticking so we can live a satisfied life. Our lessons may create pain that later is our gain. The doctor listens to our hearts in the physical sense. We listen to our hearts in the spiritual sense. If we are true to our hearts, our truth is revealed. We thrive on truth and love and yet we can be masters of disguise and denial. We can choose to feel our heart or deny it. That choice is ours to make and it can either make us or break us.

In my last month’s letter I shared my desire to spread the word of our publication via adding on additional publishers to San Diego. This is my heartfelt decision and not yet a clear-cut plan. It’s how I roll. I only know what is true in my heart. I love my publication and the rewards it brings me. Anyone who has the passion to help me spread the word in San Diego on how to live a healthy life is a potential publisher. My heart and mind remain open to all ideas and possibilities. I invite you to share your heart with me if you want to be part of this opportunity. It was my heart that led me to my publication and it is my heart that provides me with the energy to keep pumping out another issue.

Happy, healthy hearts San Diego,

Elaine Russo Natural Awakenings San Diego Publisher


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