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Healthy Skin from the Inside Out and Outside In

Mar 10, 2015 09:29PM

Elina Fedotova in the lab

Lectures and workshops by ElinaFedotova; Cosmetic Chemist, Herbalist and Esthetician, President/Founder Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, CEO Elina Organics

The changing dynamics of healthy skin at any age are intimately understood by ElinaFedotova, host of“Elina Skin Cuisine” segments on Good Morning America LIVE and featured holistic writer for Dermascope Spa Magazine.

On April 25, 26 and 27Fedotova will offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the world of holistic skincare and share the secrets of “Healthy Skin from the Inside Out and Outside In.” 

The general public is welcome on April 25.  All present will receive a free skin analysis. On April 26-27, licensed estheticians can learn the most scientifically advanced holistic techniques in order to impart healthy skin to their clients.  Attendees will receive a Holistic Skincare Practitioner: Level 1 certificate which will cover 12 credit hours.

“We’ll discuss how imbalances within the body affect the skin and how topical skincare applications, which are really food for your body’s largest organ, are impacting your inner chemistry.  I strongly believe that one must look at this complete circle in order to achieve healthy skin,” advises Fedotova. 

According to Fedotova, healing the skin is important to anyone who suffers from the psychological and scarring effects of serious skin issues.  “The self-confidence and self-esteem of adults and teenagers are equally undermined by unhealthy skin issues,” she says.  “Imagine being a teenager developing acne scarring, or a person who’s enjoyed beautiful skin much of their life developing adult acne or bacterial breakouts, acute rosacea or hyperpigmentation on the face.”

“With these classes you can learn how you can reverse these skin concerns holistically yourself by ‘feeding the skin and body’ appropriate nutrients for all skin types,” adds Fedotova.

For more information, email [email protected]

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