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The Cannabis Delivery Service Dilemma

May 01, 2015 12:24PM ● By Reynna Lynn

With only two licensed Medical Marijuana (MMJ) dispensaries in the entire county, the San Diego region is among the most challenging localities for the cannabis industry. Yet, hundreds of collectives continue to operate in order to serve their members. With the exception of operating without a business license, most are in full compliance with California Prop 215. As more and more walk-ins dispensaries are being closed down, there is a new surge in delivery only services, especially in the North County region.

As a local dispensary, one comment we hear all too frequently from new members is that they received products from another dispensary and were given no information as to cannabinoid ratios, potency, ingredients or suggested dosing. Except for very experienced patients, cannabis delivery should not be treated like pizza delivery. The entire process can be overwhelming and even a little scary to those new to MMJ. Below are some best practices to consider when choosing a dispensary, whether a walk-in or delivery only service.

Are you new to cannabis (marijuana) or just coming back to it for the first time in many years?

Select a dispensary that specializes in helping patients understand and navigate the latest methods for realizing the maximum medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. Visit the websites and call the dispensaries to find out if they will provide education, consults and the overall level of service you are expecting.

If smoking is an option for you, ask where and how the plants are grown.

Not all cannabis is equal. Is organic and purity important to you? Ask for products that are organically grown and for the most in purity, outdoor grown. Many indoor growers sacrifice organic practices for yield. Only experienced growers understand how to flush any residuals from pesticides they may have used, but there is always risk of residuals. Improperly stored cannabis can develop mold or fungus, which is extremely dangerous to smoke. It can also become very dry, which will make it burn hotter, causing irritation to the throat. Ask if plants are grown indoor or outdoor, if pesticides are used and most importantly, ask to see lab results showing cannabinoid ratio, mold/fungal and pesticide residuals.

If you decide that vaporizing oils is a good choice for you, ask about extraction processes and additives.

Vaping hash oil, or honey oil as it is commonly called, is a great alternative to smoking. But as with the herbs, be certain you know what you are getting. There are many extraction processes, but the best so far is proving to be Co2. Many prefilled cartridges contain additives such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) or glycerin. These are unnecessary additives and it is uncertain if inhaling these compounds is unhealthy. Look for products that have been extracted with Co2 and either have no carrier or coconut oil only.

The use of tinctures or edibles as alternatives to smoking.

Tinctures and edibles are a great alternative to smoking cannabis, and definitely more of a comfort zone for many people. The biggest challenge with an ingestible is proper dosing. Getting the proper dose right requires patience and a little experimentation. Be sure all products are labelled with total cannabinoid milligrams per segment. Products should also include ingredients and nutritional information so you know exactly what you are ingesting. Ask the dispensary for best dosing guidelines for your individual circumstances. Start slow and titrate up slowly.

Patients new to the world of MMJ should always conduct sound research and use good judgement when selecting a delivery service. Your relationship with your dispensary should be much like your relationship with your doctor or pharmacist. Know who you are getting your products from, what you are getting and where it is coming from. Trust and transparency are key to building credibility within this industry.

Reynna Lynn and her husband are owners of RX-C: Beyond Delivery, an MMJ delivery and consulting service specializing in patients new to medical cannabis use. They provide high quality, organic, medical cannabis and deliver education on the science behind cannabis to promote a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle. For more information, call 760-849-8250, email [email protected] or visit

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