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Letter From Publisher

Holistic Skin Care Event by Skin Fitness, Etc.

Women’s health is our theme for the month of May and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve been extra inspired lately to improve my health. Last month I committed to a plant-based diet after taking a holistic cruise. The cruise really inspired me to feed my body the natural nutrients it needs to thrive on a daily basis. I’ve already reaped many benefits from my dietary changes. Yesterday at Skin Fitness, Etc.’s "Healthy Skin from the Inside Out and Outside In" event, I delighted in learning even more natural ways to protect my body’s largest organ–my skin!

Our skin can be our health barometer. It is the largest organ in our body and the organ seen most easily. The appearance of our skin can alert us to hormone issues, parasites, nutritional deficits and other imbalances. I’m now extra committed to feeding my skin the natural nutrients it needs on a daily basis to stay healthy.

I found comfort in taking the workshop with other like-minded mothers and their daughters. All of us there seeking alternative remedies for skin care. We learned so many things, including how to make nourishing remedies for skin care. We learned so many things, including how to make nourishing all-natural scrubs and lotions. We also learned about innovative, non-invasive treatments like micro needling to help reduce lines and increase collagen production.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the «before and after» models for Elina Fedotova, a cosmetic chemist, herbalist and esthetician who has been featured on Good Morning America and other national television and radio shows. I’ve been using her products for years via Charlene Handel, certified holistic esthetician and owner of Skin Fitness, Etc. right here in Carlsbad. I use all of our readers to learn more about natural skin care because inner and outer beauty go hand-in-hand with healthier self-esteem.

I read once that there were more phone calls made on Mother’s Day than any other day. While I’m sure that texting has changed that statistic to some degree, I’m sure Mother’s Day still remains the most popular day to connect with loved ones. We all relish the unconditional love and comfort that only our moms can give us. And we can give that back to her this Mother’s Day just by picking up the phone to say hello! Moms need comfort too, and children of all ages thrive on making it a special day. It’s a win-win! In fact, I think Mother’s Day may be more for the kids than moms because it’s truly a day we can let our mothers know how much we appreciate them.

I hope you truly enjoy this month’s issue, chock full of information to help you lead a healthier, happier life.

To healthy women everywhere!

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