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The Lives of Carl Atman: Morris Walker Pens Tale of Love and Life’s Purpose

The Lives of Carl Atman, a book about an endless and unconditional love that transcends the boundaries of time, was no stretch of the imagination for author Morris Walker, who has been deeply in love with his wife Lynn for more than 40 years. An author with a long history of writing short stories, essays, articles, songs, poems, countless scripts and comedy routines, Walker, along with Lynn, their son Skye and daughter Amoris, traveled together and performed as The EarthWalkers, introducing their uplifting message about the environment to thousands of audiences nationwide in the late 80’s and into the 90’s.

Walker has always been keenly sensitive to the cycles of life, with a song in his heart practically from birth, many of his lyrics have reflected an unconscious knowing about cycles of birth and death. A line from his song Love is Still Around illustrates this: “Time is just a manmade rule. In cycles we’re all cast. There’s nothing in this universe that will not always last.”

In his book, Walker writes about love, the animating force that dances throughout lifetimes like the gracefully spiraling double helix in the DNA of every human cell. This kind of love is the reason the animating life force in Carl Atman continues to reincarnate with his soul mate.

Morris Walker
Morris Walker
Walker’s belief in soul mates becomes obvious in one of the book’s themes—why we’re here and the meaning and purpose of life. The model for this belief is Lynn, who has been his shining North Star for the Golden Rule, which suggests that we should treat others in ways that we would want to be treated. “She simply lives her life for others, without expectations, it’s not an effort, she is like an angel.” Walker feels that his wife is a lot like Atman’s soul mate who at one point in the book offers this thought: “There's an ancient creed illuminating  trials we face, that as you give your love so measured is your grace.”

A side story that Walker mentions is reminiscent of one of his favorite movies, Groundhog Day. The 1993 movie starred Bill Murray playing the part of Phil Connors, a self-centered TV weatherman who found himself in a time loop that repeated itself every day until he began to re-examine and correct his life and priorities. “The movie seemed like a microcosm of reincarnated lives and many of the other associated repetitive phenomenon we witness daily that are ever ubiquitous in life.”

Walker’s beliefs in reincarnation were inspired by the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, which he admits has transformed his life and spiritual path. Walker writes: “We continue to make the same mistakes until we get the life lesson right in this lifetime or the next. In the end, I hope my life will be remembered simply by the love and compassion I gave to my family and others.” Through numerous lifetimes, Walker artfully crafts a riveting saga that allows Carl Atman to learn this lesson as he grows closer and closer to his soul mate and his ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment.

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