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Letter from Publisher

Jun 03, 2015 04:45PM

Looking through the editorial in this month’s Men’s Health issue made me really reflect on how men have impacted my journey through this lifetime. One of my favorite television series, Mad Men, depicts such a different time in the workplace and our culture as a whole.  The show has a much deeper meaning than womanizing, advertising, drinking and smoking. We all know or may have used the expression “It’s the first time I've been a parent.” Parenting doesn't come with instructions, especially back in the day.

Well, neither does manhood. Men seek contentment, passion and all the desires that make life fun and interesting—as they should. They are now finding themselves immersed in diverse roles that include even more expectations without instructions. It’s no longer the norm for men not to take part in helping raise the kids. Leave it to Beaver was really like leave it to mom until dad comes home from work. Both Ward and June Cleaver are out working now. To make it more interesting, the June Cleaver in today’s world is dealing with temptations and desires to have fun too. Everybody is on a journey toward self-fulfillment while balancing personal lives and a career.

Ward Cleavers in today’s world are becoming leaders in their homes as well as their work places. They’re discovering it is acceptable to not risk their own health to support the family—a smaller home with a larger father's presence adds greater value to the family home. More value is placed on the man's interaction with his wife, significant other, kids and loved ones.

I really enjoyed so many of the articles in this month’s issue. I found the flow of subjects—from addiction, fatherhood and tiny houses—to be interrelated. Addictions can be unhealthy relationships—and not only to drugs and alcohols. Remaining in an unhealthy relationship is like any addiction and it needs to be dealt with. Sobriety is synonymous with being out of denial. I always claimed that the 12 Step program should be taught in all schools because they are essential life tools. It is applicable in every step we take in life. An interactive father and a happy marriage will make any household flourish.

The article I resonated with the most was The Teeny-Tiny Vacation Option. I love the idea of small spaces for so many reasons. We are all slowly going back to our grass roots, and not only out of environmental and economic necessity.  We’ve discovered that simplicity, family involvement in nutrition, education, socialization and respect for ourselves and one another is the most valuable of all.

Happy Father’s Day to all you healthy men adapting to a better way of living while leading us by your healthy choices and examples.

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