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Essential Oils for a Chemical Free Summer

Jul 02, 2015 01:17PM ● By Cathy Wildschuetz

Summertime is a great time to start incorporating essential oils in easy and quick ways.  Free of chemicals, they provide many properties that support all of the systems of your body to help in your quest to be healthy. Here are some ideas:

-Enjoy the outdoors, annoyance-free, by applying a topical blend of citronella, lemongrass, lavandin, rosemary, tea tree and myrtle essential oils. Inside the home, this same blend works wonders in your diffuser to freshen your air.  It can also be made into a spray to easily refresh fabric, furniture and linens. 

-Peppermint is a great summertime oil.  Not only does it deter creepy household pests, its cooling effect makes it a perfect partner in the heat.  Just spritz a diluted solution of water and peppermint oil directly on your face, neck and arms whenever you need to cool off.    

-Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils available and great for soothing your skin after those dog days of summer.  It’s ideal for spritzers, diffusers and in baths.  Don't be without this oil, ever!

-Lemon oil is the perfect choice for going chemical-free. Use it to make your own dishwasher detergent and household cleaning solutions.  Add a few refreshing drops to any beverage for an instant pick-me-up.

Essential oils are a natural extension of eating organic and living a more holistic lifestyle. It's important to be aware and educate yourself on products available on the market.  Quality and purity should be your primary concern when choosing a brand as there are currently no government regulations on the labeling of essential oils. Cathy Wildschuetz, Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, offers classes for those seeking more information about essential oils.  She can be reached at [email protected] or Young Living Essential Oils provides a Seed to Seal promise with every bottle.  From the seed being planted in clean soil, to testing to ensure the highest constituents are in the bottle, the company ensures every bottle is 100 percent pure essential oil. 

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