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Faster EFT Transformational Weekend and Level 1 Training

Jul 02, 2015 01:17PM

A Faster EFT Transformational Weekend and Level 1 Training is being held August 15 to 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees will get a chance to fully immerse themselves in the Faster EFT system and experience its practical, immediate emotional and physical benefits over a two-day weekend or the seven-day training, led by founder Robert G. Smith.

“Whether you are stuck in the same old rut, dealing with difficult emotional baggage or troubling physical symptoms, the Faster EFT approach actually gets results,” says event facilitator Laura Worley. FasterEFT uses the subconscious mind and body to release negative emotions.  “When negative emotions are released such as fear and anxiety we are able to live in a state of peace.  When we live in peace we can create the life we desire instead of recreating from our old hurts and wounds of the past. Fear and anxiety are created from something that has happened to us.  When we go to that specific event or events we release the emotions that cause fear and anxiety the subconscious mind is no longer able to perceive life in the same way."

The FasterEFT System is “a collection of new cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the mind’s great ability to transform itself," explains Smith.  

"When you change limiting beliefs and patterns your life cannot help but transform.  This approach helps us change the way we hold bad memories and negative perceptions of ourselves and the world. When we release our negative emotions and life experiences we can experience a new way of living that is full of peace and joy,” says Worley.

The Faster EFT Transformational Weekend and Level 1 Training is for those who are ready to transform their lives.  This includes those who are interested for personal healing or health professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

Cost:  Transformation Weekend: $349; Faster EFT Level 1 Training: $1,199. Location:  Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, 4000 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV. For more information, contact Laura Worley at 702-419-3927 or [email protected]. To register, visit See EFT in action at

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