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Letter from Publisher

Aug 01, 2015 04:29PM

Old friends and young hearts.

Times flies and it seems to speed up as we age–and not just in my professional arena. Often, my monthly calendar feels like a speeding train. Every 30 days, in addition to having a full and adventurous personal life, I publish a new edition of Natural Awakenings.

I am grateful for my community partners who douse me with their services and products. I welcome the relief and the downtime to continue down the busy track of publishing life in general. Speaking of how time flies, I just returned from my 40th high school reunion on Long Island, New York. My friend Resa, whom I’ve known since 4th grade, generously tempted me with a last minute prepaid reunion ticket. We befuddled another old friend of ours, pretending like we were in different parts of the world. Seeing the look on her face when she saw us in person was worth the journey alone. It was an absolute joy to connect with our grass roots and we created much laughter and memories.

I love where I grew up; I love the Levittown spirit. Do you know that Levittown was the first planned community ever developed? It has an essence all of its own. While there, I swam laps in my old neighborhood pool in lieu of past water games like Marco Polo and creating havoc with the young lifeguards. When I was growing up, we had high and low doing boards at our community pools. Now there is only one board to accommodate today’s insurance liabilities.

I loved the camaraderie that old friends brought to my soul in a New York minute. Love and laughter are my essential nutrients of life. I jumped on another spontaneous speeding train to Boston to visit my brother, who turned 70 this year. It’s been years since we got together. However, while I was at the reunion, he sent me a text photo on my iPhone. After seeing his face and realizing I was only a three-hour train ride away, it was obvious that I had to see him. Life is short and love is long. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and the perfect way t o end my heartwarming journey back East.

Upon landing in San Diego, I literally hit the pavement running. I had restored energy that fueled me through my personal and publishing tasks that awaited me. And as always, I got it all done.

Isn’t it like parenting? We are busy scurrying around trying to be the best parents we can be, trying to give our children more than we had, not wanting our children to make the same mistakes we did. In the end, it’s love and nurturing that truly raises our children. Our time spent with our children is more important than any other commodity.

Make time for your loved ones. It removes toxicity, initiates love and bliss, and best of all–it’s free.

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