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Bringing Back Simple: Spotlight on Robbin and Terry Lynn, purveyors of fine teas, spices and treats

Southern California couple, Robbin and Terry Lynn, have one mission in mind when it comes to their entrepreneurial ventures: they’re bringing back simple. One way they are accomplishing this is through their company NTS Distribution, which provides organic teas, gourmet spices, delectable treats and other products that help promote a healthy lifestyle.

A passionate health advocate, Terry has struggled with health issues since birth. “I was an unhealthy baby and spent a lot of time in hospitals as a youth; they didn’t expect me to live. Despite all of that, I made it,” he shares. While he felt relatively healthy during his teens and twenties, two decades ago his health again became compromised. “My doctor at the time told me I needed to eat at least 15 fruits and veggies per day. Hearing that certainly piqued my interest in healthy eating,” he admits. “I became increasingly fascinated with how the food we eat affects our health.” Then in 2007 Robbin was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and candida overgrowth. “It really opens your eyes. We became avid label readers and really focused on all the things we could do to stay healthy, including being extra mindful of what we put in our bodies. We’ve become a society of convenience and we’re losing our health because of it,” she says.

While the pair has long been advocating clean, simple foods and natural herbs to promote health, it has only been in the past few years that they discovered the amazing health benefits of teas. “I can’t drink coffee, so I got into tea,” says Terry. “I loved learning about the centuries-old history of tea including how many different teas are available to how they harvest tea. I mean, there’s actually a place in China where monkeys harvest the teas! Tea has a real history in addition to medicinal purposes way beyond what I ever thought possible.”

Soon after developing his fondness for teas, Terry had a vision. “Now, I’m not an epiphany kind of a guy; but it was like I had crystal clear clairvoyance,” he recalls. “I knew we had to share these healthful teas with others.” Robbin loved the idea so the pair got to work and developed their first line of blends.  “It was so much fun putting all the blends together, finding out what tastes complemented one another and which ingredients worked synergistically together. I felt like a mad scientist at times,” quips Terry. 

Each delicious, custom-crafted organic tea blend was created to address specific health conditions like pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety, insomnia, digestion issues, female health issues, and more.  In addition, the pair offers local, hand-crafted salted caramel treats to go along with their teas. “One night when we were test sampling tea, we both popped a caramel in our mouths and looked at each other with a ‘wow’ moment when we realized how well they paired together,” shares Robbin. “So we decided to include them in our initial rollout because everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while. Coffee has biscotti, meals have wine, and teas have caramel treats.”

Robbin and Terry are excited to share their love of good health and well-being with the larger community through their healthful exclusive line of tea blends. “There’s nothing like giving our bodies the best of what the planet has to offer,” adds Robbin. For a limited time, shipping is free to anywhere in the U.S. For more information, visit

Favorite blends

+Robbin’s favorite is Sheer Endurance.  She likes to put it in her coffee to add an extra energy boost.

+Terry’s favorite is Raspberry Rescue because he loves fruity teas. The health benefits are just an added bonus.