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Letter from Publisher

Oct 30, 2015 11:37AM

Appreciating the unexpectedly beautiful views in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Years ago while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, I remember driving through Nebraska as fast as I could on road trips. Why? At the time, I thought the state was long, flat and boring. Boy was I wrong! I recently spent time in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. In addition to having a fascinating history, the views were spectacular.

I got my real estate license in Florida before I even graduated from college. Why? Because I was eager to chase the dollar and own lots of property and accumulate a grandeur of assets. I ended up in the beach concession business with a college degree, a real estate license and disappointed family members. I forged my own path, and it hasn’t always been conventional. Being an entrepreneur has opened me up to being labeled eccentric and/or a visionary. I’d call myself a little of both. I have experienced living with and without assets and liabilities. I fully believe in our featured article “True Wealth”. I always experience synchronicity while writing my letter from publisher. My recent travels sum up what I just read in this very article.

My recent journey started in the hills of Crawford, Tennessee, at a Hippie Jacks music festival. For four unforgettable days, I camped with all sorts of talented, personality-loaded musicians and reveled in nightly bonfires and music galore with people who bore down into my heart and soul. I visited the Smokies and experienced the best ever 18-mile downhill bike ride down the Virginia Creeper Trail. The family I stayed with made me feel right at home.

Hurricane Joaquin made it challenging to carry out my original plans of visiting potential cabin community locations and enjoy some stand up paddling time on the local rivers. Thankfully, I’m used to changing on a dime, so I took a detour road trip through the back country of Kentucky, passing many ghost towns and people living off the grid. Next stop was Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where I breathed in human history and fresh air. I traveled the back roads all the way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I finally got to use my inflatable stand up paddle board that has now traveled over 2,000 miles with me. I was able to enjoy an eight mile downstream paddle on the Snake River with dear friends. The scenery and the company made it spectacular. I’m now seriously considering planting my first tiny home in Idaho. There was a reason for the change of plans. As my good friend always tells me, “Trust the Universe and synchronicity.”

Vivian Dantche is a pioneer in the tiny house movement. I am in awe of her passion and devotion to simple, eco-friendly living. She is blazing her own “Oregon Trail” and I welcome you to share her passion and mission in our featured community spotlight.

Local nursery owner Brandon Bullard offers a vast array of beautiful cacti and succulent plants that can enhance our landscaping without contributing to the water shortage.

As they say, the best things in life are free. Good choices and good friends are things that money cannot buy, but they surely make life that much more worth living. Choose well and be happy!

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