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Tiny Houses: The New Big

Oct 30, 2015 11:37AM

Vivian and Thomas Feller founded Eagle Log Cabins, LLC, out of their love for wood, for cabins, and to share this love by providing to others the quality products at affordable prices. “We aim to provide safe, beautiful and non-toxic dwellings for families, communities and for persons with chemical sensitivities who cannot live in a standard stick-built structure,” shares Vivian.  

The pair’s original dream has evolved into the award-winning Freedom-2-Thrive platform which recently had its debut at the San Diego Fair last June.

Inspiration for the company evolved out of disaster, when a 60-foot long needle pine tree crushed Vivian’s personal sanctuary, a Tiny House log cabin which housed her library, her study, and served as her counselling office as well. With over 20 years of academic work and in the last quarter of her Ph.D. work specializing in ecopsychology, the disaster was a blow emotionally as well as crushing the structure.  Within hours, the worst storm in a century hit the Northwest and the Fellers had to rescue what they could from the crushed structure. “The holidays took on a salvage theme; I nearly quit my Ph.D.,” says Vivian.  However, January 1st brought an awakening. After the storms had cleared and they were able to further inspect the damages, Vivian found three books hidden beneath the six ton massive trunk of the pine: The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman, The Wounded Researcher: Research with Soul in Mind by Robert Romanyshyn, and Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. “This was a bold sign; each book having special meaning to me and my works.”

Educated in the soul’s way of seeing and revitalized by the New Year message, Vivian continued. Not only did she endure, but the journey brought a sweetness to the lemons. “More lessons from the universe, more gifts... for through the loss came discovery. The cabin company that provided the little cabin was gone and the search provided education in product knowledge and wisdom.” The Fellers were inspired to create affordable cabins that brought forth the same old world quality they appreciated in their first cabin and combined it with new age technology. The pair now provides custom, eco-friendly structures that can fulfill someone’s dream; provide a homeless person with a safe affordable dwelling; offer community bonding after natural disasters; and bring the metaphysical into spiritual retreat centers.

Eagle log cabinsThomas, an athlete and outdoorsman who’s major in college after a near-fatal car crash turned to architecture is now bringing dreams to reality by helping others to find their dream cabin. Vivian continues with her Ph.D. in the ecopsychology and the Freedom-2-Thrive platform grows in popularity as proven with the recognition through many awards and accolades at the San Diego Fair’s Garden Exhibit. “Education of children and adults through Freedom-2-Thrive shows that there is a desire for a less stressful lifestyle, living with less material goods, more eco-friendly towards Gaia and all living things,” says Vivian.  

In a few short years, the couple has gone from bringing European craftsmanship to North America, to designing their own personal line of cabins and eco-structures. “Bringing good ideas up a notch, redesigning the camping pod for instance...and producing the Peace Pod which has been the inspiration for the non-profit Peace Pods International,” shares Vivian who notes that they will  dedicate the first Peace Pod in spring of 2016 to their inspiration, Dr. Wayne Dyer. “The dedication to Wayne is a ‘thank you’ for all he has given us and to millions of others. It will serve as a meditation and healing structure and will be located at a healing retreat in Hawaii.”

Both Thomas and Vivian say they will be doing this business for the rest of their physical lives.  “This is our passion and our love,” says Vivian. “Bringing dreams into reality and providing quality, eco-friendly structures as kits or as custom designs at affordable prices and offering options for sustainable, off-grid living in comfort and safety. We are dedicated to helping others attain well-being and a simpler life—a life that can facilitate people pursuing their passions. It’s about thriving, not just surviving.”

Eagle and Sterling Log Cabins and Tiny Homes, as well as Peace Pods are sold by MiniMansions Distributing. For more information, call 760-517-6462 or email [email protected].

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