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Akashic Alphabet

Dec 03, 2015 03:11PM

Akashic Alphabet by Trenace Rose and published by Dementi Milestone Publishing, is a one-of-a-kind spiritual inspirational art gift book of 72 pages, featuring 27 fine art master paintings. With a 4-color dust jacket, the hardcover is bound with white linen Saifu cloth, stamped in silver foil, with silk ribbon marker and specialty-weight pages, offering a luxurious presentation to be treasured.

Akashic Alphabet is a series of ancient-futuristic energy blueprints…and provides a sacred key to the code of our very survival, which is critical because the fate of our existence lies literally within the collective mind,” says Rose. “It is of vital importance for protection of the collective mind that all be made aware of another, remarkable side of life that is taking place, which has tremendous value and power in its inherent goodness, with an ability to counter-balance and transcend in exponential proportion, the lower energies on our planet.”

Akashic Alphabet is a powerful, comprehensive lift for the searching soul. This creative compendium of living paradigms for the New World is offered as an introductory learning tool for all spiritual seekers. Every page has been passionately infused with effective, healing intention to lift the reader’s vibration and help remove fear-based consciousness. Prophetic vignettes, including 26 acutely sensitive paintings by a master artist, depicting various spiritual and cultural belief systems, reflect a graceful connection of Oneness in all.

According to Rose, “Paramahansa Yogananda’s light is portrayed throughout the book, which is based on an expanding theory by top-tiered physicists that all living matter exists in one vast, quantum field of sub-atomic vibrations, the akasha, or space between matter and that within this virtual, invisible web of life-energy force, all is connected.”

Akashic Alphabet is now being used as a reference book at Soulscape Books, in Encinitas, because of the educational value of the vignettes, as well as the intensive Akashic glossary, providing a wealth of information,” adds Rose.

Akashic Alphabet is available at, and

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