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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from Publisher

This is my five-year anniversary publishing Natural Awakenings for San Diego. I have my readers, my co-workers, my advertisers, my community partners and myself to thank. Publishing is a job that feels like it never ends. Along with that comes eternal satisfaction and something different for my letter from publisher.

Twas the times when a doctor would visit our house
Not a human was stirring, not a doctor we could rouse
The meds were placed by the patient with care
In hopes that remedy soon would be there

Patients were snuggled in their sick beds
While visions of cures danced in their heads
Flowers and cards were hung with care
In hopes a cure soon would be there

When out on the media functional medicine arose such a clatter
People sprang from their head to see a new matter
Away to their cupboards they flew like a flash
Tore open their drawers and viewed their med stash

The moon rose on a new-fallen show
Gave luster of cures to people feeling low
When what to their wondering minds would appear?
But a vast modality of cures to reduce their fear

Being a bold striver, not wanting to be sick
They knew in a moment something would stick
More options are legal, new courses came
Practitioners called out and tried to make a name
Now naturopaths, now acupuncturists,
Now yoga and Pilates
On Ayurveda, on integrative medicine
On holistic dentistry and modalities that glisten
To the top with a torch
To avoid hitting a wall

Now dash away all so you do not fall
So up to the new practitioners the coursers they flew
With a sleigh full of knowledge, and doctors too
And then in a twinkling we heard it could all be a spoof
With prancing and pawing we recognized new proof
As I drew in my breath and turned my thinking around
Down the road to recovery people came with a rebound
The new practitioner equipped from his head to foot
His mind was filled with new flashes and input
A bundle of knowledge he carried on his back
To make you better because he had the knack
His ideas, how they sprinkled, cures pure and simple, how merry
The solutions he composed, his sincerity very
His wisdom tied up in a bow
To help with causes you may not know
We hear him exclaim, try a new way, do not be in strife
Happy New Year to all and to all a healthy life