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Letter from Publisher

Friendship is the best medicine

I’m sitting in the home of my childhood friend looking out at the snow as I write this letter. As I type this, I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude that Resa has opened up her home, and her heart to me, all these years.  I’m not even sure if I can ever convey in writing how important my friendships are to me.

The majority of my loved ones are my friends—many who have been my friend for over 50 years. Relying so much on friendships has a lot to do with the circumstances in my life while I was growing up.  Friends became a necessary staple in my life when I was a kid and remain so as an adult. I have been blessed my entire life in the area of friendship and truly believe friends are what made me who I am today. Although I place many of my friendships in different arenas, they all reside in my heart.

Some include childhood friends who I get to see on a daily basis. Texting and email make it possible for us to always stay closely connected. However our physical get togethers is what maintains our love and our friendship. Lifelong childhood friends share a different bond than other friends. In my darkest and lightest times, they are always there for me and I am always there for them. It is the best survival tactic I know.

Then there are the friends you meet as you raise kids and or move away as you age. My friends through parenthood bonding and my later in life friends have become another group of friends. My daughters often tell me how fortunate they felt to have an entire group of moms available to them. We all love each other and our shared group of children who have grown up together. These women and their families have made a positive impact on my life as well as both of my daughters.

Then we have our workplace friends all sharing the common denominator of the work place. Together we learn to work together toward a shared common goal, have fun while doing it, and create yet another powerful connection. I have always treated the majority of my working colleagues like friends—and being in the entrepreneurial world makes this even more prevalent—at least for me.  It keeps work fun and motivation high.

All in all, every single one of my friends, male and female, lifelong, later in life and work friends, all hold one thing in common—my heart. When your heart is in, you are all in and life and work operate so much more smoothly.

Make friends and love them. There is nothing better.

Elaine, publisher