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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Transformational Weekend with Jac O'Keefe

Mar 31, 2016 12:49PM

Jac O'Keefe

A transformational weekend with renowned spiritual teacher Jac O’Keefe is being held May 20 to 22 at the Marriott Courtyard in Carlsbad.

O’Keeffe offers clear, direct teachings and pointers that can help one awaken to a much freer and unlimited experience of oneself. She has the unique ability to energetically pinpoint where someone may be stuck due to identified thought—whether it is due to karmic, energetic, spiritual or emotional causes.

According to event sponsor, Joan Greenblatt with Inner Directions, “Jac’s approach is truly practical and inclusive and does not dismiss any kind of life experience. Since each person’s path is unique, she responds to each one individually, according to their specific needs. There is a unique life to be lived, while one’s true identity unfolds. Jac places things in context, always pointing to the unlimited movement of consciousness and what is prior to it.” Jac O’Keeffe was raised in rural Ireland. Wanting to know about God, she studied theology and music. Graduating in the 1980s, her studies left her disillusioned and a non-believer of organized religion and monotheism. Turning her focus to issues of social inequality, she studied adult and community education, and began her career interweaving community development with the arts. In 1997, her life changed dramatically when her sixth sense awakened.

A busy practice in healing work developed within a short time, with O’Keeffe offering private sessions and residential retreats. O’Keeffe continued for seven years as a spiritual teacher before stopping her work and leaving Ireland to deepen her own spiritual practice. Her personal quest led to that which is beyond the mind—a transcendence of dualistic thought. She facilitates spiritual gatherings in questionand- answer format, offering clear pointers to spiritual seekers of truth.

Location: 5835 Owens Ave., Carlsbad. For more information, call 760-599-4075 or visit

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