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Letter from Publisher

Mar 31, 2016 12:49PM

My niece Tatiana and my two GREAT nephews with Aunt Elaine aka Aunt Fun.

After disembarking from my Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise with like-minded publishers and passengers, I embarked on a journey to the Sonoma County Home and Garden Show. Sustainability has been the theme—on water, on land, and in this month’s issue.

Like mentioned in our featured article, Everyday Sustainability, many Americans are beginning their sustainability journey via food. The most important word being “begin” as we all have to start somewhere and, thankfully, so many of us are doing just that. I witness it all the time, first hand in San Diego and it is inspiring to say the least.

We can start with something small—for instance, a smaller home. I have been following and involved with the tiny home movement for the past couple of years.

Many families are utilizing tiny homes for RVs, primary residences, extra office space and multiple other purposes. Many tiny homes are off the grid but they don’t have to be. Placing your tiny home on wheels adds mobility, creates an insulated foundation, and can eliminate some zoning laws. Zoning laws and HOA’s should always be evaluated. Many people pool their funds and purchase land together. There are numerous ways to live on and/or off the grid that help create a happier, more sustainable existence. I was in awe in the amount of people who flowed through the “Tiny Home Village” exhibit at the Sonoma show. The pouring rain did not stop the flood of people entering the tiny homes. Part of the thinking of living in tiny houses is to essentially remove or reduce debt, clutter and stress from your life.

Sustaining healthy relationships is also part of the sustainability movement. Eliminating drama is, in essence, eliminating clutter. As I write this letter, I am enjoying Easter weekend with my life-long friend. Talk about sustainable relationships— it’s been 54 years so far! We’ve gotten a chance to witness the ups and downs of each other’s lives and watch both of our children grow up over the years. I was delighted to hear that her son purchased a sustainable home in Driggs, Idaho. He is completely off the grid and operates his business, for the most part, remotely. His home and surrounding community are 100 percent solar operated. I discovered his heart and mind are off the grid and it sent an inspiring, heart-warming message to me that our younger generation is living and working towards a more sustainable, healthy way of life.

And speaking of our younger generation and sustainable relationships, I also got a chance to bond with my adorable great nephews and their fabulous mother after the cruise. Our reunion was nothing short of wonderful!


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