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Letter from Publisher

May 31, 2016 11:58AM


Since our editorial theme this month is on happiness and men’s wellness, I thought I would tie the two in—although I’m certainly no expert on either subject—especially men. That’s why I have girlfriends in my life who not only bring me much happiness, but also clarity on relationships with the opposite sex.

While women throughout the ages have always relied on one another for emotional support, men haven’t always had the same kind of support system. Women have felt free to show their emotions while men have had to bottle things up in order to “Be a Man.” Thankfully, that stigma is changing and men are seeking out ways to support their emotional health, which in turn, creates healthier relationships with their loved ones.

Whether male or female, we can all learn how to bring more meaning and satisfaction into our lives. It’s like when we have a physical pain, we are unhappy until the pain goes away. Then what happens? Do we focus on a different pain? Do we return to neutral? Do we return to happiness? Ultimately, the choice is ours to make.

Have you ever smiled, just to smile? Did you notice how good you feel just by changing your expression? Not only does your own disposition change, but so does the disposition of those around you.

I believe that many of us have been trained to find a place somewhere between sunny skies and ecstasy. However, it’s not always realistic and/or obtainable. I remember being a first-time mom. All I ever wanted was happiness for my children. I learned later this was not a realistic goal.

The truth is all emotions are necessary to achieve happiness. Negative emotions can help us make necessary change and/or gain. They sometimes take us where we need to go. Even anger can end in happiness if it comes from a place of preventing ourselves from being exploited. Anger can also motivate an individual to gain confidence, optimism and take action. Think about the expression “when our back is to the wall, we do our best work.”

My daughter took me to see the Jungle Book for Mother’s Day and I was exuberant. While I truly enjoyed the film itself, what really made me happy was her thoughtful gift and companionship. Just being with my daughter that day made me feel good and I savored the simple joy.

My friends, my publication and my loved ones consistently bring me back and/or keep me in a happy place no matter what may be falling down around me. We all have burdens and we all have choices. Some may not be so easy. However, just know that more often than not, those hard decisions can bring great happiness.

May this issue of happiness bring you just that.


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