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Medical Cannabis a Viable Option for Baby Boomers

May 31, 2016 11:58AM ● By Robbin Lynn

A growing number of people over 50 throughout California are discovering or thinking about exploring medicinal cannabis as a viable option for pain, sleep, arthritis, stress, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, cancer or any other number of medical issues. Many have either never used cannabis, or are coming back to it for the first time in 20 or more years. It’s a different world from the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s when many seniors may have last used cannabis, which was probably mostly recreational in nature.

While medicinal cannabis has been legal in California for two decades, it has been largely unregulated and very often associated with street drug dealers who operate “pot shops” making it challenging to navigate the landscape for a location which is staffed with knowledgeable, professional and caring staff. In addition, the stigma of cannabis use is largely associated with “stoners,” deadbeats and potheads. The reality is that much like the population of California, the majority of those who use cannabis are over 50, but most are in the closet because of the stigma. It’s okay to drink alcohol or pop pills, but as a society, there is still a very negative attitude toward cannabis. The good news is that perceptions are changing.

Up until the 1940s when cannabis was made fully illegal and removed from the US Pharmacopeia, it was among the top three prescribed remedies, administered primarily in a tincture form. When cannabis was made illegal the American Medical Association was forced to find other remedies for the hundreds of maladies for which cannabis has been previously prescribed to treat.

Today, baby boomers looking to re-engage or explore the world of medical cannabis for the first time in their life face unique challenges. Not the least of which is to find a dispensary that is reputable, educated, offers quality products and, most importantly, has a patient and caring staff. The dispensary your kids or grandkids use may not be best suited for you. Here are a few areas to consider when choosing a dispensary:

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, the location should be safe, clean, professional and easy to access. If you have to enter through the back alley or are not being greeted in a professional and responsible manner, this may not be the best place to obtain medicinal cannabis.

Knowledge and Experience of the Staff

If you are looking to get a good night’s sleep or alleviate chronic pain, having someone in their early twenties describe a product as being “dank” may not be the type of advice you need. Having someone explain the various therapies (smoking is not the only option today), provide guidance about products that have worked for others with similar conditions/complaints, best practices for using the products, as well as proper and clear dosing guidance is paramount to helping you achieve the results you seek.

Product Quality and Labeling

Where are the products coming from?  How and where is the cannabis grown? Do the owners of the dispensary have personal relationships with the growers? Is it organicically grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers? Are packaged products, such as edibles or tinctures, wrapped professionally and properly labeled? At the very least, there should be a brand, product name, lab results, cannabinoid ratios and ingredients. If edible, nutritional information should also be listed.

Bringing Along a Friend or Family Member

Make sure you are able to bring a trusted family member or friend with you. From the first visit to the doctor who recommends cannabis to a visit to your first dispensary, the information can be overwhelming. As you navigate this new world, it’s important to have some extra guidance and someone to act as a sounding board. Bringing along another person can help you better understand the various therapies and products.

Education and Social Programs

Find out if ancillary programs such as consulting, workshops or general sharing of information among its member base available to you.

Learning about the new therapies, techniques, selecting the best products within a person’s comfort zone, and dosing is key to achieving desired results. All of this requires guidance from those experienced in these areas and who know how to communicate clearly with the baby boomer generation. Take the time to research, read reviews and ask questions before choosing a dispensary. It may take a few visits, but you’ll find the place that is best for you.

Robbin Lynn spent the first 30 years of her career building new industries in the technology industry. Since 2012, she has been co-owner and general manager of RX-C. She holds an MBA in business, is a Certified Cannabis Specialist (CCS), and an active member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Lynn continues her self-study in cannabis therapies while dedicating her time to the day-to-day operations of RX-C and evolving the business model. An educator and activist at heart, she commits her energy to elevating cannabis by helping people realize the full benefits of this plant as a means to achieving relief and living a chemical-free lifestyle. Visit

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