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InnerOptimal Naturopathic Brain Training Center Has moved

InnerOptimal Naturopathic Brain Training Center has switched to a new office suite in Rincon Plaza, located at 2210 Encinitas Boulevard, in Encinitas. InnerOptimal uses NeurOptimal technology to help kids and adults to improve memory, quality of sleep, and eliminate anxiety with quick and lasting results.

Dr. Danielle Chavalarias, owner of InnerOptimal, explains how neurofeedback with NeurOptimal works. “Clients come to us with a variety of issues, from stress, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, poor memory...a complete variety of issues that are mostly brain related. Our brains have been trained to react to life experiences for years. With NeurOptimal, we’re able to retrain your brain to react differently to situations so you can live a happy, healthy, stress-free life with confidence.”

InnerOptimal is located 2210 Encinitas Blvd., Ste. L, Encinitas. For more information, call 760-633-3328 or visit