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Leading Edge Harmonics Technology for Life Improvement

Sep 01, 2016 06:42PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca

Deepak Chari, MS, engineer, certified biofeedback specialist and co-owner of Chari Center of Health along with his sister Dr. Roopa Chari, MD, is not your stereotypical scientist. While he relies on the science and mechanics behind the way things work, he also depends heavily on his intuition. In fact, it was his intuition that led him to create his Life Transformation Technology (LTT) program that’s helped over 1,000 people improve their health, career and relationships. “When I was introduced to the inventors of this advanced voice technology, I innately knew that it was the path I needed to take,” says Chari, who shares that his passion is about helping people get to the root cause of their emotional issues. This was the inspiration for opening their advanced medical center.

In 2005, Chari created his Life Transformation Technology program which targets the source of emotional issues through the use of a special bio-communication interface. “This includes fears, anxiety, stress, phobias— virtually any kind of limiting belief. It really goes to the source of it all—the subconscious mind,” he says. “We’ve all been told that we can improve our well-being by doing affirmations. The reason they don’t work is because they target only the conscious mind. Ninety-nine percent of our behaviors stem from the subconscious mind. Our perceptions come from our influences from birth to around 12 years old. During those years, our minds are sponges, soaking up our experiences. All of those experiences go into our subconscious mind and into our cellular memory and becomes the drive behind our actions later in life. And it’s where our stress stems from. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that up to 90 percent of all doctor visits in the U.S. may be triggered by a stress-related illness.”

Deepak ChariSo how, exactly, can we get to the source of those behaviors? Chari explains that all of the information we need is available through the sound of our own voice. His unique system works by locating the missing harmonics in a person’s voice. “Using the sound of your voice, I’m able to see what notes are missing,” says this enthusiastic practitioner. “Once we capture the notes not heard, we can then send those missing keys back into your body.” Once all the notes return to a person’s body, limiting beliefs can be released and the person begins to see improvements in all areas of their life.

“I haven’t found a single person without limiting beliefs,” says Chari. “There are two key areas—ancestral imprints that were unconsciously downloaded and the environment that a person was raised in. Both can deeply affect our current lives—especially the immune system. The great news is that when we clear these limiting belief patterns—that you may not even know you have—you see and hear the whole world differently. This translates to greater peace of mind, more self-confidence and improved relationships. All areas of your life will improve.”

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