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Sustainable Crayons Fund Free Art

Sep 30, 2016 03:58PM

Earth-friendly art teacher funds art projects and events for kids with old crayon donations.

Colour Blocks sustainable crayon product was founded in Encinitas by art teacher and mom, Spramani Elaun, founder of Nature of Art For Kids. “This product grew from my passion of wanting to stop pounds and pounds of crayons hitting landfills daily,” she says. Now, Elaun’s nine-year project has partnered with Goodwill of San Diego and youth organizations like CASSY in Silicon Valley—nonprofit agencies that partner with schools to support social and emotional crisis intervention counseling.

         Elaun, an author of several art education books, receives used crayons by these supporters, then handcrafts new designer square block crayons into a product for sales which then fund free art programing all over the West Coast. This fall, she will travel the coast selling her sustainable crayons and funding free art programing for children.

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