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New Chiropractic Neurology Center in Encinitas

Chiropractic doctors Steven Keener, DC, and John Kupper, DC, celebrate the October Grand Opening of Balance Brain & Spine Chiropractic Neurology Center in Encinitas.

   According to Dr. Keener, “Research shows that approximately 100 million Americans suffer from headaches and neck pain each year. We provide an evidence-based, clinically proven treatment for headaches and neck pain without the traditional popping or cracking associated with chiropractic care.”

   The chiropractic care offered at Balance Brain & Spine provides a solution to headaches and neck pain without the need for risky medications, which often come with unwanted side effects and doesn’t fix the underlying issue. “Research shows that many migraine headaches are caused by dysfunction in the upper neck, located right underneath the base of the skull,” explains Dr. Kupper. “These issues can alter blood flow to the brain, resulting in the symptoms commonly associated with migraine headaches.”

   The doctors at Balance Brain & Spine use an acoustic sound wave that realigns the top bones in the neck to normalize posture and restore blood flow to the skull and brain, using laser-guided templates and three-dimensional imaging. “We are proud to be the first clinic in Encinitas to provide this cutting edge treatment,” shares Dr. Kupper, who notes that the procedure they offer has been featured on prominent television shows, including ESPN, The Doctors and The Montel Williams Show.

   “This is truly cutting-edge treatment for headaches and neck pain that is both effective and non-invasive. It’s the most high tech treatment available in chiropractic care today,” adds Dr. Keener.

Location: 609 S. Vulcan Ave., Ste. 101, Encinitas. For more information, call 760-456-9470 or visit