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How to Leave Strong

Oct 28, 2016 11:41AM ● By Laura McGee

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only a few ways to get divorced.

        Both parties can lawyer-up and take the slow, costly route offered by the litigation process, but those who do usually end up broke and broken. On the other hand, you can take the short-cut, save time, stress and precious resources by mediating your divorce.

Yes, I’m biased toward the use of mediation to divorce.  My bias is not because I am a divorce mediator. Rather my bias is why I am a divorce mediator. As a former trial lawyer, and someone who litigated her divorce, I know all too well the true costs of a litigated divorce. I’ve seen you outside the court room with a ball of tissue the size of a tennis ball wadded up in your clenched fist as you try to comprehend what just happened. I’ve been you paralyzed as you stare at the pages and pages of documents, admissions, details you must respond to.

        Few couples who litigate their divorce make it out the other side without spending at least $50,000 of their hard earned money on the process. Some will literally wipe themselves out. Many will medicate themselves in order to sleep, reduce their anxiety, or numb the pain. Most will need years to recover both financially and emotionally and some will never make it back. The kids, young or old, will suffer with you.

        The reality is every divorce gets done. The only question you need to ask yourself as you contemplate which path to take is: do I want to leave strong or leave broke and broken? Virtually everyone can mediate their divorce; all you need is the right mediator.

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