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Letter from Publisher

Oct 28, 2016 12:36PM

Elaine Russo

Mental wellness and beauty is an interesting editorial theme blend this month. Do they complement one another? Yes, I believe they do. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And there’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy mind and sense of self.

         I, for one, struggle with aging in general—the unwanted wrinkles, longer recovery time from injuries, and all of the stuff that comes from living in my wise, older body. I’m often pre-occupied with how I look, and it seems I’m not the only one; cosmetic surgery is at a record high as are eating disorders. As my younger daughter pointed out to me, women constantly change their virtual body image on social media venues.

         The message of outward beauty has sadly become an essential part of a woman’s daily being and men see it as the norm.  This is not to say that feeling and looking beautiful is not healthy. It is important to look good and feel good about ourselves. Our inner beauty is essential to our inner beings. Meditation, exercise, yoga, massage, sound therapy, float therapy, counseling, coaching, craniosacral massage, acupuncture and many other alternative health venues are  available to us to enhance our mental wellness. Low risk and high results would be the best scenario. Select healthy ways to feel mentally fit. Plant medicine and CBD oil articles are included to educate our readers. These alternative healing modalities are coming out of the closet and rapidly gaining popularity. I feel it is necessary to bring awareness to what is happening instead of labeling something taboo just because it’s unfamiliar to us.

         Mental wellness includes enhancing our relationships with others and it begins with ourselves. Our ability to forgive and to surrender in times of sadness is vital. We can’t always be happy. Seeking eternal happiness is like seeking immortality. As a young parent, I remember wanting nothing but happiness for my children. We now live in a world of entitlement and instant gratification. It’s time for a shift in our thinking and I believe that begins with an open mind and heart.

Elaine Russo

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