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Why You Will Love Floating

Oct 28, 2016 12:20PM ● By Glenn Stokoe

Remember back to the best massage you have ever had…how relaxed you felt. Now imagine feeling that relaxed but with a deep sense of rejuvenation, any pain you had is gone, a connection with your surroundings and more importantly a deep connection with yourself. Your mind is clear and calm, your body completely relaxed and you feel about as happy as you have felt in a long time. Welcome to floating!

        Floating has over 40 years of scientific studies supporting its physical and mental benefits. Science shows that just one hour in a float tank can reduce stress hormones, anxiety and chronic pain, in addition to completely relaxing the muscles.

        Everything you experience while floating comes from within yourself. By reducing all sensory input, the float tank allows for an environment to access Theta brain waves which greatly enhance deep meditation, reflection, enhanced creativity and problem solving. Floating also increases dopamine levels, boosting mood and leaving one with a pleasant afterglow that can last for days.

        Floating reduces stress levels substantially, reduces or eliminates areas of chronic pain, and helps athletes recover from workouts or elite events.  It can also be beneficial for those starting or wanting to enhance a meditation practice. Extended floating sessions over several weeks have shown to help with alignment of the spine, extended reduction of the harmful stress hormones; reduction in blood pressure and provide for a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.

        While many people unfamiliar with floating are concerned about feeling claustrophobic, the experience in the large float tanks is one of expansion of awareness. Consequently a large majority of floaters come out of the tank feeling light, at peace and more connected with themselves and the world around them.

Glenn Stokoe is the owner of Float North County. For more information and to book your float, call 858-925-6069, email [email protected] or visit