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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Detox Away Holiday Guilt

Kim Kelly

According to local naturopathic doctor, Kim Kelly, there is no need to feel guilty for enjoying the holiday season. “There are ways to just wipe that guilt away while feeling better, lighter and healthier,” he says. “May all the great upcoming holiday festivities, foods and social gatherings be filled with great memories.  And afterwards, may your liver, kidneys, lymphatics, stomach and mind have its own little holiday season of enjoying a nice detox/cleanse program.” 

Kelly assures that an effective detox program doesn’t need to be intense. “For a good detox, we just need to make sure the liver, kidneys and colon are well-functioning and nourished with the right nutrients.” Kelly does this by offering nutritional suggestions, including food and beverages, along with supplements for healing and keeping the body running smoothly. He also offers intravenous vitamins and minerals along with injectable homeopathics for those wanting to expedite their detoxification program. 

For more information, contact Kim Kelly at 760-533-2883, [email protected] or visit