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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from Publisher

This is my seventh year publishing Natural Awakenings. To say that it’s been an insightful, rewarding and transitional journey would be an understatement. My utmost gratitude goes out to all my community partners including my advertisers, my readership and my team of passionate and dedicated coworkers. Thank you for seven incredible years!

       Due to my being at the publishing helm of this magazine, I’m constantly getting educated on and introduced to alternative products and services. Like everything, awareness and education comes first.

       I feel that my publishing life continuously takes me down paths I need to investigate and follow. It seems that plant medicine is my newest calling these days. The recent cannabis controversy is of particular interest. The cannabis industry is presently referred to as the Wild Wild West due to all the associated conflicting information and regulations. Products and rumors are being dispersed without the proper knowledge. Hemp, cannabis and many other plant medicines have been used for centuries and the medicinal properties are indisputably present; yet it remains classified as a class 1 narcotic. We are living the prohibition days all over again. Now, in 2017, a “smoke easy” can be the new speakeasy.

       Rather than worrying about confusing legal issues, we should be informing ourselves on these medicinal plants. I’d rather spend my time researching which products are right for us and whether or not using them can improve the quality of our lives than worrying about gray legal parameters. Knowledge is king. Mass media is so often biased—it’s  news to sway, not inform.

       I am including a cornucopia of information on plant medicine in my upcoming issues as it is clear to me that we are irrefutably returning to grass roots. And speaking of grass, let’s begin with the stigma of the term “grass”. The sheer numbers of older people using plant medicine is rising dramatically. It’s no longer called grass or about rolling a joint to get high. Cannabis is used therapeutically for many conditions and ailments, including epilepsy, ADD, stress, insomnia, cancer treatments, and so much more. The list goes on and on. We currently spend an abundance of money and time searching for ways to reside on another planet. Meanwhile our Earth awaits us to wake up and spend the energy and time to learn what we can do to save our health and our planet. Out with the old stigmas and in with a new way of thinking.

That’s a great way to start the New Year.

Elaine Russo