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Voice Your Opinions on Cannabis

A City Council meeting was held in Encinitas on February 15, to discuss the legalization of cannabis dispensaries, delivery service, cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis-based products.

      While many citizens urged the council to ban all cannabis-related products and services, a scientist, several local farmers and others spoke about the positive benefits to the community—including the decline of youth use rates of marijuana when legalized, the numerous documented health benefits of cannabis and opportunity for financial gain for the community.

      While several Council members admitted having little or no personal experience with cannabis, Council member Tasha Boerner Horvath took the time to conduct a survey (via Survey Monkey) asking residents how they felt about allowing cannabis-related businesses to operate in Encinitas.

Boerner shared that of the over 600 responses, the overwhelming majority of respondents favored regulating/taxing/allowing all cannabis-related activities. She concluded that despite any misgivings of her own, the voice of the people was clear—yes!

Write to city council and voice your opinion by emailing [email protected].