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Go on a Journey of Self-discovery with CBD Life

Jul 30, 2017 07:36PM ● By Erin Lehn Floresca





















When Alexandra (Alex) and Dave Roehr-Gittleson, owners of CBD Life in Carlsbad, hit their early thirties, they experienced an awakening. “We just didn’t feel good. Dave had been dealing with an autoimmune disorder since he was a child and was on at least six medications. I was experiencing emotional issues including anxiety and panic attacks. We both had problems with our energy levels. Sometimes just getting off the couch was a chore,” recalls Alex. “Although the aches and pains of getting older were culturally accepted, neither of us was willing to settle. To us, the natural process of aging didn’t have to mean that our bodies needed to deteriorate.”

       In addition to feeling physically “off”, the pair also found themselves in unfulfilling careers. “Our jobs were secure, but they just didn’t feed us on a soul level,” says Alex. “We both wanted something more meaningful and that we could be passionate about—we just didn’t know what that was.”

       So the couple, no longer fine with “fine”, embarked on a quest to overhaul their lifestyle. With a healthy dose of enthusiasm, they quit their jobs, got engaged, and made a pact to be vibrantly healthy by the time they walked down the aisle. “We gave ourselves a year and a half to plan the wedding so we’d have enough time to achieve our goals. We had no idea that it would eventually lead to a future business prospect.” 

       Over the course of the next 18 months, the pair went on a journey of self-discovery. From learning what diets worked best for their bodies, to incorporating more exercise and metaphysical tools to encourage greater emotional health, the duo began to thrive. “Dave was able to eliminate his medications and I dropped the anxiety and panic attacks,” affirms Alex. Their self-healing journey led them to realize many aspects about their selves and how they wanted to live their life.

       During this time, cannabis wasn’t on their radar. However, when Dave got a minor spinal injury from a car accident, his doctor wanted to prescribe pharmaceuticals. But Dave opted for more natural ways to manage the pain. “He didn’t want to go back on the meds so he asked his doctor if he could try medical cannabis,” explains Alex. “Not only did it relieve pain, we found out that cannabis had many other healing properties as well.”

       This discovery ultimately led them to their first entrepreneurial venture—a medical marijuana delivery service. According to Alex, becoming business partners was a life-changing experience. “Working together was amazing. We found out that we really trusted and believed in each other and that we could make an even bigger impact when we worked together,” says Alex.

       Medical cannabis was such an ideal complement to their new healthier lifestyle, that soon CBD Life, their holistic retail store, was born. “We wanted to expand and create an even bigger business that helped others on their own journeys of self-discovery for any physical, spiritual or emotional ailment they may have,” says Alex.

       CBD Life, established in 2016, is celebrating a grand re-opening this month. The store offers all natural products and services for whole body healing and spiritual health including offering hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD products, all natural beauty and oral care products, tools for meditation, energy services, and a variety of classes and workshops.

       The Roehr-Gittleson’s couldn’t be more thrilled about their business endeavor. “It’s such a great honor to help people discover their balance. Knowing that we are helping to create a movement that inspires others to discover that they have the ability to heal themselves and live the life they want is so rewarding, so empowering,” shares Alex, who notes that owning CBD Life has helped her to feel empowered as well.  “It’s given me great clarity. I quickly had to decide what type of business owner I wanted to be. Was I going to be a business owner that was constantly stressed out, worrying about money, the business, etc., or was I going to be a business owner that loved what she does...someone who is driven by passion, intuition, confidence, love and happiness. Of course, I chose the latter.”

       Alex and Dave are excited about future offerings at the store. “While all of our products will always be available a la carte, soon customers will also have the opportunity to join one of our three monthly membership tiers that include a mix of products and services. We’re also excited to be adding herbs and supplements and nutrition assistance to our offerings,” says Alex, who shares that their ultimate goal is to have multiple centers around the U.S.

       Alex adds that because she and Dave can often be found traveling to further their education on products and services to offer the community, it’s a good idea to call or visit their website to check store hours before visiting. “Of course, online ordering is always available,” she says.


Location: 6878 Embarcadero Lane, in Carlsbad. Call 619-889-7784 or visit Facebook/ To check store hours and to shop online, visit


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