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Weedease Organics Now Esculent Oils

Edible oils manufacturer Weedease Organics is now Esculent Oils. The change is taking place in conjunction with the company complying with the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana in California.

            The word “esculent” means “fit to be eaten” and the company plans on expanding statewide in the next year. For the past three years, Weedease Organics has supplied dispensaries with edible oils, such as their OCCO (organic canola cannabis oil) and Cannacocobis (organic coconut oil). OCCO was a first place winner in the annual Edibles Magazine contest for Best Veggie Oil in 2016.

            With the new name and new promotions, they intend to expand their offerings in the new year to include new flavors such as garlic, lemon, rosemary and basil. These products allow patients, and recreational users, to “dose” their own edibles so that they know exactly how much THC is present in their edible products. The new flavors will come with new packaging that complies with California laws and will be childproof.

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