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Natural Awakenings San Diego

Letter from Publisher

Elaine Russo

October is Cancer Awareness Month. I’m declaring it Alternative Health Awareness Day every day. The longer I publish Natural Awakenings, the more I learn how much more there is to learn. The first Natural Awakenings magazine I ever picked up was at the Whole Foods in Boca Raton. That is when I first learned about thermography. Since then I have opted to never do another mammogram. Like most alternative health modalities, insurance doesn’t cover thermal breast imaging so we remain paying out of pocket for these services for now. Thankfully acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine and several other preventive health measures are slowly being endorsed by insurance. Hopefully the insurance companies are beginning to see that the more proactive we are with ourselves, the better our overall health.

                I believe this to be true in the financial arena as well. Like the plant medicine section I started within these pages, I am adding an alternative currency section, too.

                I am obviously a firm believer in barter, as you can tell by the local ITEX advertisers in my publication. ITEX is not like Bitcoin and they should not be confused as such. Many people hear the word barter and they run because they don’t understand it. I know I did. ITEX finally caught up with me and I am fortunate that it did. It not only opened up another stream of financial revenue, but it also opened up an entire network of business owners I would never have known about. Mr. Peabody’s in Encinitas, Vinz Wine Bar in Escondido, Rossi’s pizza in San Marcos, French Gourmet and many other fabulous eating establishments and services were unknown to me until ITEX came into my world.

                I’ve been watching Bitcoin for years and never quite understood it. I finally took the time to wrap my arms around it. It’s another alternative currency that shows a lot of promise. I find it interesting how the people successfully using ITEX network gravitate much easier towards Bitcoin, even though they are very different. What they both have in common is they offer alternative ways to pay for things.

                I believe we will see many more companies accepting Bitcoin. Like yoga, cannabis, energy medicine and the like, alternative ways of living are here for us to use. I’ll do my best to help educate you, our reader, on all of these ways that can help us step into a brighter, healthier future for all.