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Choose Your Cannabis Wisely

Sep 28, 2017 02:32PM







Marc Malin, owner of Sound Touch, knows that navigating the world of medicinal CBD, THC, cannabis and hemp can be confusing. As a Cannabis Consultant, he relies on the years he spent as an herb and supplement buyer for the natural foods industry. “In that position, I had the honor of being trained by some of the best herbalists in the country,” he says. “There are several repetitive issues that get raised in any discussion in the effectiveness of herbal medicine and lots of conflicting reports and studies. That is because doing studies on herbal products have a lot of variables not present in laboratory created medicines.”

 Malin shares that some of the variables include:

  • Taking into consideration what part of the plant was used
  • How and when was the plant harvested
  • How to confirm that the plant listed is actually in the product
  • Attaining repeatable dosing from plants

                “The average consumer doesn’t want to have to wade through all of this to pick their products,” explains Malin. “This is why I recommend buying from companies that have taken steps to address these issues and earn your trust.”

                According to Malin, there is a lot of misinformation being given to consumers about herbal medicine. “As a result, self-regulation in the industry has become the norm,” he says. “Look for distributers that carry companies that have confirmed third party independent testing for purity and dosage and ingredient accuracy. Some companies use harsh solvents to extract the CBD and/or THC. Look for the cleaner alternative of CO2 extraction and buy organic whenever possible.”

                Malin shares that herbalists know the plants have an innate intelligence and that there is a synergy in the full plant extracts that go beyond the THC and/or CBD content. “The basic argument is that we shouldn’t try to improve upon nature. The flip side of the argument is the scientific approach that says if you are making a medicinal product, that you have to have markers in that product to guarantee therapeutic dosages,” he explains. “Both arguments have validity; there are also herbal companies that do full spectrum standardization to bring all the plant constituents to therapeutic dosages. Also, unlike laboratory medicines that can negatively interact with each other, plants tend to complement each other and work synergistically together when in their natural state.”

                Malin suggests using a trusted source, like Natural Awakenings magazine, as part of one’s research on finding cannabis products from reputable companies. “Natural Awakenings naturally attracts those in the alternative health industry, including cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis related businesses, that make it their mission to adhere to the highest of standards. These are the companies that are most likely to be using the third party testing, the organic cannabis, and the healthy extraction methods.”   

For more information, visit Marc Malin's products are available through Botanical Express. Contact 760-846-0122 or visit for more information.


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