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Winner of New Zealand Food Awards

Ned Smith, founder and head potato of Proper Crisps, is excited to announce that one of the company’s star products—Kumara Chipotle and Garlic Crisps—was awarded the winner of the Dry Food Award at the New Zealand Food Awards. “They’re made here in the South Island using a variety of kumara grown for us by the team at Kaipara Kumara,” explains an enthusiastic Smith. “For those that don’t know, kumara is New Zealand’s Sweet Potato, originally planted by the Moari.”

        Smith is proud of the entire Proper Crisps team for this achievement. “We feel so engaged with our partners and strategic stakeholders; we all just do it together. Whether it’s our farmers that work hard to give us the product or our team in the factory—everybody works together in such a great way,” he says.

        Since Proper Crisps’ launch a decade ago, the company’s product line has expanded to include many flavors including Marlborough Sea Salt, Rosemary and Thyme, Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt and Vinegar,  Kumara Crisps, Parsnip Crisps, and Garden Medley, in addition to the winning crisps mentioned above.

All Proper Crisps are gluten-free, dairy-free and trans-fat free, and made by hand in sunny Nelson, New Zealand, using only the finest South Island potatoes with nothing more than pure cholesterol-free sunflower oil and Marlborough Sea Salt. “We think Proper Crisps really are Sunshine in a bag,” says Smith, who also shares that Proper Crisps will soon be introducing a new product—Proper Crunch Corn. “It’s not a popcorn; it’s not a corn chip. It’s going to be a game-changer,” he says, and adds that a new potato chip line is on its way as well. 

        Proper Crisps are available at select retailers in Southern California including Seaside Market in Cardiff, Harvest Ranch Market in Rancho Santa Fe, Vigilucci’s Gourmet Market in Carlsbad, and Herb and Wood in San Diego.

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