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This Local Company Brings the Farmers' Market to Your Door

Oct 28, 2017 07:37PM

What’s better than a local, organic family farm? How about a family-owned business that helps local, organic family farms perform better by curating and customizing CSA packages for homes, businesses and schools throughout the County of San Diego.

      “If you’ve ever been part of a farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you might have noticed that the variety of produce you receive can be a little lacking,” says Janis Garcia, co-founder and general manager of Daily Harvest Express. “For instance, as much as people love kale, getting two pounds of kale every week for a month or more can be a bit overwhelming.” That’s where Daily Harvest Express comes in.

      “We work with a wide range of organic farmers throughout San Diego who, collectively, offer a stunning diversity of fresh foods and hand-crafted artisanal goods throughout the year,” explains Janis. “Fresh fruit, veggies, bread, spices, pastured eggs, dairy products and more.”

      While one farm might only specialize in a small handful of crops, the entirety of the farms that Daily Harvest Express partners with in the region allows CSA customers to get a wide diversity of food products in their weekly packages—and they can even customize their packages to their exact specifications.

      “Think of it as the difference between being able to listen to only one album ove`r and over again versus being able to listen to a curated list of the best music available. And you can also pick and choose your favorite songs whenever you want,” affirms Janis.

      Another improvement from traditional CSAs? Daily Harvest Express has “mobile farm stands", which are custom-upfitted box trucks that bring the farmers' market directly to you. These farmer’s markets on wheels serve both corporate clients and public events, helping make fresh, local food even more accessible to everyone.  

      The cofounders of Daily Harvest Express, Janis and “Papa Rafael” Garcia, didn’t expect to start a new business a decade ago. In fact, they were happily retired newlyweds. Janis’ background was in sales and marketing in the healthcare industry and Rafael had recently retired after finishing his career as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. “He started his career working in farm labor at the age of 14 after emigrating from Mexico,” shares Janis. However, the couple saw a problem and an opportunity they couldn’t ignore. With the help of Rafael’s daughter Ivonne and a handful of other employees, they’ve steadily grown the business year after year, adding new farmers, product offerings, delivery options and customers.

      What do they consider the key to their success? A big marketing budget? Not quite. The company has grown purely through word of mouth from satisfied customers and corporate wellness officers who finally have easy access to fresh, organic food and area farmers who have another source of stable income. 

      The Garcias intend to continue focusing locally for the foreseeable future, providing healthier food for as many San Diego residents as possible. “Our top priority is San Diego. That’s where our hearts are. Maybe we’ll also inspire other similar businesses to start elsewhere in the state or country,” adds Janis.

If you’d like to taste the best that San Diego’s organic farmers have to offer while also supporting a local, home-grown business, consider signing up for a Daily Harvest Express box at


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